Second Hand UAVs for sale

We sell second hand Drones, including second hand Draganfly X4, X6 and X8 models, second hand Microdrones and second hand self-built Drones.

If you are looking to sell a Drone (Draganflyer, Microdrone, Self-built etc) for whatever reason, then let us know. We can help you sell it.

Option 1 (All UAVs). For £125 / €150 / $200, you can place an advert here. The details will also be circulated to anyone that has registered an interest in a second-hand drone with us (we maintain a list). You are responsible for liaising with potential purchasers, demonstrating the equipment and arranging the delivery. You also need to clarify with the purchaser and teh manufacturer (e.g.Draganfly / Draganfly reseller / Microdrones) any restrictions (e.g. Warranty transfer) that are imposed on you by your original Contract.

Option 2 (currently Draganfly only). If you do not have the time or inclination to sell your Draganfly, then you can ship it to us (at your expense) and we will attempt to sell it for you. Overshoot will take the hassle out of demonstrating it and liaising with the client. For this, there is no up front cost, but we will charge 20% of the final sale price for the effort rquired.


If you are looking to buy a Draganflyer, Microdrone or self-built UAV, then register now for free with us and we will let you know when any become available.

We strongly advise all purchasers to have the drone overhauled by the manufacturer (Draganfly or Microdrones, for example) or an official reseller and also to undergo training on the craft. If you are buying a Draganfly, Overshoot can provide 1:1 flight training for you using our wireless Dual Controller system and, if you are in the UK, advise you on obtaining your CAA Certification & BNUC-S (which you will need to operate the drone commercially)

Draganflyer X4 Draganflyer X6 Draganflyer X8

Current UAV equipment for sale

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Draganfly X6, stills, video, Basestation etc. Locaton: North America

Draganfly X4, stills, video, Basestation etc. Locaton: Ireland

Draganfly X6, stills, video, Basestation etc. Locaton: Finland

Draganfly X6 with 2013 upgrade (camera and mount), stills, video, Basestation etc. Location: Finland

Draganfly X6, stills, video, Basestation plus loads of spares. Location: UK

Draganfly Accessories - Batteries, hoods, Basestations etc. Location: UK

s/h Draganfly X6 and accessories for sale SOLD

The popular X6 including Stills camera, HD Video camera, Basestation, Laptop and accessories SOLD

X8, Basestation and accessories SOLD

Draganfly X6 and accessories SOLD

Draganfly X4, Basestation and accessories SOLD

Nitro Models for helicopter aerial photography

Advanced Fixed Pitch R/C Helicopter. Excellent des