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"Once again thank you for all you help, we will definitely consider you for future photography work." - Estate Agency preparing a property for auction

"The pics r great. Many tks." - Private booking (surprise present for emigrating relative)

The UK is stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to selling houses.

"The raison d’etre for estate agents everywhere is to get the properties they sell, noticed! Simples."

This is not my Quote, but taken from a Blog from an ex-estate agent - John Durrant. The full text is here and it is excellent reading.

So, what do we see when we peer into an estate agent's window? Go and look at yours. Row upon row of bland properties. Exactly the same bland properties as the agent next door. And the other one next door the other way.

The first thing that potential purchasers still see in your window is the main photograph. First impressions being everything, this can make or break further interest. Isn't it time that you stood out with something that says "I'm a proactive agent. I want to sell your property and I have several tools and techniques at my disposal to help you"?


Agency work is about getting Property onto your books. As many as you can. When you are pitching for an Instruction, being able to offer aerial photography as an option or included in your package means that you are more likely to get the Instruction than an Agent that cannot offer it.

Aerial photography for property is still only rarely used and, when it is used, a fixed mast is often deployed (because it is cheap), limiting the angles that can be shot which, in turn, leads to distorted, less flattering views.

There is an opportunity here to get one step ahead and provide genuine, quality aerial photographs as part of your package. No-one will deny that it is eye catching and has a bigger impact than ground-based photographs. More interest equals more views equals faster selling rates equals more commission and a reputation for shifting property. The ideal virtuous circle. As an Aerial Photographer, I can get all the shots that a Mast Operator can, but also I can go higher (much higher), over difficult terrain and shoot many angles that are just impossible with a mast. And the price to you is not much more, starting at £100 plus vat. You can charge your vendor much more than this and if it helps sell faster, has to be a Good Thing, does it not?

Aerial Photography is here, now. Don't be left out.

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